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Nike Rework Sweatshirt - M

CHF 64.00⠀


Sizing Guide

Please read the product information carefully.
Width: 51cm
Length: 65cm
Subcategory: Sweatshirt
Condition: Very Good - 9/10
Fit Size: M
Label size: S

Since the given size is often not reliable for vintage clothing there are two different sizes on our shop.

Fit Size; Here we indicate the size in modern standards.
Label Size; Here you will find the size that is actually indicated on the garment.

Second-hand items usually show some signs of wear and tear. Significant defects are pointed out in the product description or the product pictures.

By buying second-hand clothes you support our common environment and set a strong signal against the fast fashion mentality.

Second-hand clothes can be worn for years, if not decades, thus saving a lot of resources.

In order to make the shipping sustainable, your garment will be delivered in a recyclable paperbag. No new resources are needed for shipping either..

Invest with your purchase in our sustainable future.

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